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About Babu Tea & Coffee

One stop destination for an exotic collection of loose-leaf tea and coffee. We have built up a long-standing reputation for offering varieties that are rare and difficult to source from elsewhere.

We procure our tea leaves and coffee beans from the finest plantations and through our unique mixing process, we create a truly amazing and delicious variety of these beverage mixes. Over the years, our outlets at Margao, Goa have become part of the quintessential "Goan Experience" for the millions of tourists who come here.

Blend of Taste & Variety

Tourists & tea connoisseurs in Goa, India get a taste of our finest teas and coffees which they take home as a souvenir of the "Susegad" holiday.

Popular varieties of tea and coffee from our retail outlets are also sold in wholesale quantities to other areas of Goa.

In India, tea is universally called "chai" even as the tea brewer is known by the moniker of "Chai Wallah". At Babu Tea & Coffee, we have kept to the traditional names for our Teas or Chais.

Established in

Babu Tea is a family owned boutique that spans two generations of master tea and coffee blenders.

Retail Outlets

8+ years expertise of wholesale supplies in Goa


Happy and loyal customers


Most popular tea retail brand


“Leverage our quest for perfection with our passion to create a unique collection of exotic teas and coffees that will become leaders in their niche markets.”


“We will achieve our leadership status by focusing on quality, taste, aroma and flavour, while offering a truly large variety of exotic teas and coffees.”