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How to Export Tea from India?

Tea is one of the signature commodities produced in India. Some of the world's finest teas are produced in India. Major demand of world tea imports is fulfilled from India.

Cultivation, processing, trading and exports of tea lead to an organized industry. The Indian tea industry generates huge employment and profitably as it meets the global demand.

Indian government has taken special efforts to promote tea. Tea Board of India is the government body which is working in all areas of the value chain, right from cultivation to end user consumption of tea in India.

As per ITC data 2018, India has exported $763 Million worth of Tea in FY 2018-19. Despite high base, the trade has witnessed a YoY Growth of 5% for 2014 to 2018. India is the 2nd largest producer and exporter of tea in the world.

Tea export from India is one of the key businesses for many Indian tea suppliers.

Beginners guide for Tea export from India.

Fulfilling these criteria will make the end to end shipment a smooth process, Tea suppliers from India are now working towards expanding their presence from the traditional markets like Russia, UAE, USA to new territories in Europe like Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic nations.

Strictly following the required quality parameters will make sure the buyer is satisfied and only the best product reaches foreign ports, leading to long term repeat business.